February 28, 2020

Dear CBCC Family,

Only two months before the big move! As you can see from the photo we are already packing. Time definitely seems to be speeding up. February has simply flown for us.

We are all doing well but we feel like we are being pulled in many directions as we wrap up our lives and ministry here in Cambridge. We are so invested in our church and the relationships we have here that it feels a bit surreal to think that in two months we will no longer be here. It is a bittersweet feeling. We would definitely appreciate your continued prayers during this time of transition.

Our church has acclimated quickly to being in our new sanctuary. We had a full house at our dedication service a couple of weeks ago. Many people that had grown up in the church but had moved away and even some of our retired missionaries were in attendance. It was a great day celebrating what God had done in providing nearly $40,000 in just a years’ time!

The Pastor Search Team is still diligently working on the search for a new Pastor. They have made some good progress this past month and will hopefully be lining up a visit with a potential candidate soon. Please continue to pray for our church as they, too, are in the midst of a transition.

Melissa is looking forward to seeing some of you ladies at the Ladies Retreat. We are also looking forward to seeing all of the work that has been accomplished at the parsonage in preparation for our arrival. We are incredibly thankful for all of the effort and time that is being invested in the project.

We are praying for you all and are looking forward to being with you soon! We are excited to serve alongside you as we together we make God known in Barnstead and beyond!

Grace and peace,

Sam & Melissa McKeen