November 23, 2019

Dear CBCC Family,

Have you ever had times when you felt like you took two steps forward only to take one step backwards? That is how I would describe the last month for us.

Knowing that we will be moving soon, Melissa and I have been intentional about creating margin in our lives to prepare ourselves for the move. Yet it seems that unexpected (from our viewpoint) things keep happening that are interfering with the tasks we are trying to accomplish.

Here is just one example. I shared in our last update that we are in in the midst of renovating our sanctuary. However, we have run into some significant issues. Instead of simply replacing the carpet we have had to tear up the floor and rip down the ceiling below the sanctuary, in order to replace all of the floor joists and carrying beams. This has obviously extended the time frame and increased the expense of this project.

In the midst of this unexpected change, I have been reminded that even when things do not go as planned that God’s grace is evident. I am so thankful that we have an engineer in our church family whose knowledge of structural issues has been invaluable. We have also been blessed with a contractor that has been flexible and willing to work with us. In fact, the extended project has given me the opportunity to have more conversations with our contractor and laborers, some of whom I have had great spiritual conversations with.

In less than a week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. I would encourage you that even though things may not be going as planned, do not get frustrated. Instead remember that God knows what He is doing. Ask Him to help you have a heavenly perspective instead of an earthly one.


Pastor Search Process – The Pastor Search Team has received some resumes!

Corporate Worship – As we are unable to have services in our sanctuary for an extended time, we are very thankful that we have a gym that we are able to worship in.

Prayer Requests

Sanctuary – This project has become much bigger than we anticipated. Please pray that things would go smoothly moving forward. We are eager to have an updated, more functional space to worship corporately and to welcome guests into.

Funeral Service – A dear man in our church family recently went home to be with the Lord. He had a powerful testimony and was passionate about telling others the Good News. Pray for his Celebration of Life on December 7th. I am praying that many of the seeds that he planted will be harvested.

We would love to hear from you! Feel free to send an email to or or you can always send us a message via Facebook Messenger.

Grace and peace,

Sam & Melissa McKeen