Dear CBCC Family,

This is an update on what is happening in our lives and ministry.

Our family had a wonderful vacation in June. It was so nice to be able to relax, be refreshed and spend time together as family without all the distractions of life and ministry. We are thankful that we were able to spend a couple of Sundays worshiping with you while we were on vacation. It was a blessing to be with all of you and to know that you are looking forward to us moving and being there with you permanently.

When we returned from vacation we hit the ground running as during our time away a dear lady in our church passed away. Her death was sudden which made it all the more difficult. Our church family did a great job of rallying around the family and loving on them. At her Celebration of Life many shared how she had positively impacted their lives including some who had come to know the Lord through her serving as a Sunday school teacher.

As a church we are currently studying Philippians chapter two in a series called “How to Live Like Christ.” It is important that as Christians we remember that our lives need to be lived differently than those in the world around us. God not only tells us how we ought to live but He also empowers us to live that way. Our church is currently in the midst of some big changes. In addition to the Pastor Search process, we are remodeling our sanctuary, working to develop a clear vision of the future, and making changes in what we do so we can more effectively accomplish God’s mission.

The Family Legacy Connection is a ministry that Melissa and I started last year. We started it out of a burden to help families function the way God intended. We are currently making plans for this next year as we know with us moving to NH that we need to pass the leadership to someone else. Thankfully another local Pastor and his wife have agreed to take over. We will be working on transitioning the leadership to them over the next couple of months.

Most of you know that we homeschool our children. In addition to homeschooling our own kids we have the privilege of helping other homeschool families by serving on the Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME) leadership team. HOME is a state wide, non-profit, homeschool association. This past weekend we met with their Advisory Board to discuss and determine the future of HOME and its mission as we move into a new decade. New legislation that has recently passed here in Maine is causing an influx in the number of families that are choosing to homeschool. Homeschooling in Maine is currently facing some new threats that is causing concern for what the future of homeschooling may look like.

Below we have listed a few things that we are praising the Lord for as well as some ways that you can specifically pray for us:


God’s faithfulness – This past Sunday we had our monthly Celebration Service. The theme was God’s faithfulness. We were reminded at how God has been faithful to our family over the years and that even during this time of transition we know that He is right there walking through this time with us.

Our vacation – This past year has been a tough one for numerous reasons. We desperately needed some time away and were blessed to have had a wonderful vacation.

Prayer Requests

Our church – Changes are not easy but change can be very good. As mentioned above our church is currently dealing with change on several fronts. Please pray that they would grow in their faith and that they would not lose sight of the vision God has for Cambridge Baptist Church.

Our family – It is hard leaving those you care about. Relationships are particularly hard as some people tend to withdraw once they know you are leaving. Pray that we would leave well and that we would communicate well to all those around us as we prepare to move. We all feel a bit unsettled knowing the many changes that are in store for our family. Pray that we would not allow the uncertainty of the future to distract us from accomplishing God’s mission right now.

If you have any questions or you just want to connect with us, we would love to hear from you!

Melissa and I are both on Facebook. You can also find me on twitter @sammckeen. My email is and Melissa’s email is

We hope that this brief update gives you some insight into what is happening as we serve the Lord here in Cambridge and work towards serving alongside all of you in Barnstead. Know that we are continually praying for all of you. We are excited to see all that God is doing in and through you and can’t wait to serve alongside all of you.

Grace and peace,
Sam & Melissa McKeen