Rally to the Carnival

On Sunday September 10th the Sunday School program is bringing the carnival to you!  At 9am we will begin and the fun won’t stop until after you have enjoyed refreshments, earned tickets, cashed them in for prizes, eaten lunch, and had as much fun as you can handle!  The Sunday School program is kicking off for the fresh, new season and following the excitement of “Rally to the Carnival,” we are going to continue meeting at 9am each Sunday for Sunday school class.  Our classes serve all ages, from newborn to ninety (and beyond)!

When you arrive at Rally to the Carnival, please park down by the library and behind the police station. We will be blocking off the parking lot area by the church and the town hall for our carnival games and festivities.  Come down, young and young-at-heart to see our BIG surprise we are working to pull off!!!