Jesus Is Praying. Are We The Answer?

Pastor Brian’s Blog – May 3, 2017


As I think back over my 17 years at Center Barnstead Christian Church some of the most exciting and encouraging services we have had were the services right after our mission teams returned from their mission’s trip.  Whether it was our trip to Hungary when we helped run a week of teen summer camp, or the time we went to work in NYC with Children’s Bible Fellowship or when the men returned from their mission’s trip to build a church in Mexico.  It was the services when our young people would return from a summer of serving in camp, CEF or some other short term mission’s trip.

Then there are the times when our own missionaries return and tell us the exciting things God is doing in and through them.  Whether it is Keely giving us an update on what is happening on our local college campuses, or Brent informing us on all the exciting things going on within our local CEF area.  Or maybe it is the exciting reports that we receive from over the border in Canada from Russell & Lori.  Maybe it was a report we received from the Philbrick’s in Spain or Phil & Elin in Mozambique or the updates from our other missionaries.  No matter where you look God is using our church as well as our missionaries to change the world!!

But to be totally transparent, I must admit that it does concern me when we see less young people from our church giving up a summer to serve at a Christian camp or go on a short terms missions trip.  It does concern me that it has been too many years since we have sent out a group from our church to serve on a short term mission’s trip.  As important as it is to serve within the church, I believe that serving outside the church, serving others and sharing Christ are important ingredients in keeping God’s people and consequently God’s church excited and vibrant for Him.

Consider Luke’s report on the return of Paul and Barnabas from their mission’s trip; to the Antioch Church that sent them out….. After preaching the Good News in Derbe and making many disciples, Paul and Barnabas returned to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch of Pisidia, where they strengthened the believers. They encouraged them to continue in the faith, reminding them that we must suffer many hardships to enter the Kingdom of God. Paul and Barnabas also appointed elders in every church. With prayer and fasting, they turned the elders over to the care of the Lord, in whom they had put their trust. Then they traveled back through Pisidia to Pamphylia. They preached the word in Perga, then went down to Attalia. Finally, they returned by ship to Antioch of Syria, where their journey had begun. The believers there had entrusted them to the grace of God to do the work they had now completed. Upon arriving in Antioch, they called the church together and reported everything God had done through them and how he had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles, too.  And they stayed there with the believers for a long time. Acts 14:21-28

Can’t you feel the excitement in Luke’s writing and the excitement in this church family as Paul and Barnabas share about their mission’s trip?  A mission’s trip that God thought was so important that we are still reading about it today!

We would like to bring some of that personal “Mission Excitement” back to our church.  The elders have approved an overseas mission’s trip to Hungary in 2018.  The dates will be April 12-21, 2018.  There will be more details to follow, but I would encourage you to now start praying and asking God if this is a personal “Mission Excitement” moment that He would want you involved in.

May we not become so programmed and focused on our own plans that we won’t entertain taking a step of faith and being an answer to Jesus’ prayer…. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Luke 10:2

May God use this brief devotional to rise up laborers from CBCC and others that read this blog to serve together and enter the harvest field of Eastern Europe.

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