Dear CBCC Family,

Wow! It has been a whirlwind of a month. Let me catch you up on all that has been happening.

We enjoyed seeing a number of you last month. It was a great blessing to be able to worship and share God’s Word with you. I also really enjoyed spending time with a number of your men at the Men’s Retreat.

When we returned to Cambridge from our time in New Hampshire we had a memorial service for a dear lady that was a long time member of our church. She had been in a nursing home for the past nine years due to her suffering from Alzheimer’s. Although we grieve her passing, we are all rejoicing that she is finally home with the Lord and free from a disease that has kept her a prisoner in her own body for all of these years.

We have some exciting news to share! Our church has been raising funds since February in order to renovate our sanctuary. We have reached and surpassed our goal! Work on the sanctuary begins this week! Our hope is that it will be completed before Christmas.

I took a week of vacation earlier this month. Melissa was gracious and found a place for me to get way and be alone with the Lord for the week. It was such a blessing to be able to pray and reflect free from distractions. God used the time to give me greater clarity when it comes to my life and ministry. I returned from my time spiritually and mentally refreshed.

Last week Melissa and I were blessed to attend the RISE Pastor’s Conference at the Word of Life Lodge. It was wonderful to be able to connect with other Pastors and to be encouraged. We were thankful that were able to spend time at the conference with Pastor Brian & Judy and Marc & Marilee. It was great to spend time together discussing CBCC and to reflect on the ministry and the future of the church.


Sanctuary Funds Goal Met – We are praising God for His provision through His people!

Spiritual Refreshment – I am praising the Lord for the opportunity to spend significant time alone with Him. What a blessing it was just to be still before the Lord for an extended time.

Encouragement – Transition is hard but God keeps showing His faithfulness and is encouraging us in spite of all the things that we are facing as a church and as a family.

Prayer Requests

Our Church – This is a busy time of year for ministry as we approach the holiday season. In addition, our church is in the midst of searching for a new Pastor and renovating our sanctuary. Please pray that we would not get distracted or discouraged but that we would keep our eyes on Jesus.

Our Family – When there is a lot happening in ministry (see above), I feel the weight of responsibility of those all things. Pray for me and our family during this busy season. Pray that I would not bow to the pressure of the urgent and prioritize discipling our family.

If you have any questions or you want to connect with us, we would love hearing from you. Feel free to send an email to or or you can always send us a message via Facebook Messenger.

Grace and peace,
Sam & Melissa McKeen