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I have been working on some messages this week, as I have 9 hours of classes to teach this weekend at the Concord State Prison. We will be looking at the life of King David to see how we can excel in our walk with God. Excel, even though you make some pretty poor choices, excel, even when you have giants in your life, excel, even when people want to kill you and your family betrays you. Excel to the point that, when you come to God’s mind, He has these thoughts about you… ‘I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.’ Acts 13:22

As I prepare messages, God will work me over to make sure that I am living out the message that I will be giving. Often at the end of the day, God confirms that I am ready to preach the message. But, there are times when I have to make some tweaks in my walk with Him or God convicts me and tells me that I need to make some radical changes before I am ready to give that message.

I do not imagine that I have many Catholic priests reading my blog, so, I am going to confess to you one of the biggest struggles that I face. I love doing what I do!! I love serving God, I love preparing messages, and if you had known me before I became a pastor, you would know what a HUGE miracle this is! Before I became a pastor and had to speak to the same people each week, I would speak at different churches, different venues so instead of changing my message, I could just change the crowd.

But I digress. I do love what I do, I love to teach/preach, I love being with people and helping them walk this path we call life. And this can be my problem from time to time.

As I worked though David’s life I think he too could have had the same issue as I do. He loved serving God, he loved being the King. God has used David in great ways, as a child defeating Goliath, as a young man leading Saul’s army to victory, and as a king, leading Israel to becoming one of the most powerful nations in the known world.

And I think this is something King David and I have in common. We so love the job that God gave us, that sometimes we end up loving the job more that we love God. We love the gift more than we love the giver of the gift.

Don’t misunderstand me: it is good to serve God as an expression of our love for Him. It’s not the serving that is the problem, the problem comes when our service consumes all our time and energies that we have no time for God. And when that happens, then I have made my service to God more of a priority than my time with God.

I have to believe that if David had been spending more time working on his relationship with God, he would not have chosen to have a relationship with Bathsheba. I believe if David had been spending less time at being the king and more time with the King of Kings, then when he did sin, he would have confessed it so that God would never have had to send Nathan to confront him.

And before you think too badly of King David, remember: we are no different. Over my life time, the poor choices that I made, the times that I sinned, the times that I wasn’t a good father or a good husband, the times I went in the wrong direction, was never because I wasn’t serving God enough; it was because I wasn’t with God enough.

I think too often there is so much for us “to do,” that we forget that God is more interested in our “to be.” God knows that if we are what He wants us to be, then we will be doing what He wants us to do. Satan, well, he wants us to think just the opposite: he wants us to think that the more we do, the better we will be.

If any service comes between our relationship with God, then you can be 100% sure, that this activity is not from God. I often tell people that if you still have work to do at the end of any given day, then you have taken on things that day that God never intended for you to do. I know that, because God always gives you the time to do what He wants you to do. Another confession… I find this much easier to preach then it is to live.

Now that being said, God doesn’t want us to be inactive either. You need to have a ministry in your local church, in the lives of the people God has brought into your life. But unlike the world we live in, God doesn’t want us to go to extremes. God doesn’t want us not to serve, and spend all our time with Him, nor does He want us -not- to spend time with Him because we are spending all our time serving. He wants us to live a balanced life, and we will do that when we allow Him to direct our life. Wouldn’t it be neat, if we could end our day by saying what Jesus said at the end of His life… I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. John 17:4

So, if you think of it, I sure would appreciate your prayers this weekend as I speak on the life of David to a chapel full of inmates. Some are Christians, some are unsaved but searching, and some are unsaved, only coming so that they have a place to go to get off their pod. I will be speaking Friday night and then all day Saturday and Saturday evening. And if God brings me to your mind after this weekend, if you can pray that I will have a good balance between my service for God and my time with God, that would be appreciated as well.

A friend of Judy’s was challenged by this devotional last week and sent it to her. This is really what put the topic of this blog into my mind. I hope it will get you thinking as well.

“So how do you know where and what you worship?”

It’s easy. You simply follow the trail of your time, your affection, your energy, your money, and your loyalty.

At the end of that trail you’ll find a throne; and whatever, or whomever, is on that throne is what’s of highest value to you.

On that throne is what you worship.

Sure, not too many of us walk around saying, “I worship my stuff. I worship my X-Box. I worship this pleasure. I worship my service. I worship her. I worship my body. I worship me!”

But the trail never lies. We may say we value this thing or that thing more than any other, but the volume of our actions speaks louder than our words.

In the end, our worship is more about what we do than what we say. Louie Giglio.

By the way… if you have made it this far into my blog, today is Judy’s birthday, she would love to hear from you. You can reach her on Facebook or her e-mail is… judygower64 at gmail dot com Thanks for staying with me to the end!! ?

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