Devotional for December 5th

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1

PAUSE: In the beginning there was emptiness. But God had a great plan to create all things. He spent 6 days speaking all things into existence. On the first day He said “Let there be light”, divided the light from darkness, and called the darkness night. On the second day He created the atmosphere and divided it from the oceans. On the third day He created land and divided it from water. On the fourth day He created the sun, moon and stars. On the fifth day He created creatures to fill the sky and water. But, God wasn’t done. He saved His best creation for last. He longed for relationship, so on the sixth day God made man from the dust of the ground and a woman from the man. God created us so that he could be in relationship with us, because He loves us so much. Creation is the beginning of God’s story of love for us. This story leads to Jesus and the very first Christmas.

PRAY:  Thank you God for making all things. Thank you for loving me and wanting to be in relationship with me and thank you for sending Jesus.

FAMILY ACTIVITY: Go on a nature walk to admire all the things God has created. Try to find something in nature the shape of a heart. Take it home as a keepsake to remind you of God’s love for you.