Devotional for December 15th

May the Lord reward you for what you have done. May the God of Israel bless you richly. You have come to him to find safety under his care.

Ruth 2:12

PAUSE: After Joshua and the Israelites moved into the Promised Land, things went well for a little while, but God’s people began to disobey Him. Even though there were a lot of God’s people who were making bad choices, there were always those who loved God and wanted to obey Him. Ruth’s story is about a family who loved God and trusted Him. Her family would play a very important role in God’s plan to rescue us from our sin. 

Ruth moved into a new home where she didn’t know anyone except her mother-in-law Naomi. They lived in a land called Moab. Ruth was married to Naomi’s son. Ruth grew up in a land where there were false gods. But, while Ruth lived with Naomi and her husband she saw them worship the true living God and heard of His wonderful acts. Ruth made the decision that she, too, would worship God.

Some time later Naomi’s husband and son, Ruth’s husband, died. Naomi and Ruth were sad. So, Naomi wanted to move back to Bethlehem. Because Ruth loved Naomi she moved with her. God had a plan for Ruth. When they got to Bethlehem they did not have any food to eat. Ruth would go into a field nearby and gather wheat to make into bread for them to eat. Now, Ruth did not know it, but the field where she gathered wheat belonged to a wealthy and important man named Boaz. Boaz loved God. One day Boaz saw Ruth in his fields and observed her. He learned that she loved God and loved others. He learned that she took care of Naomi and others around her. Boaz grew to love Ruth and eventually they got married. Boaz took care of Ruth and Naomi from then on and they never went without food again.

Just as Boaz provided for them, God takes care of everything we need. Ruth and Boaz had a baby boy named Obed. He would be the father of Jesse. God had a special plan for Ruth. Later, through her family, the Savior of the world was going to come! God has a special plan for you too!

PRAY:  Thank you God for the story of Ruth. Thank you for having a plan for my life just like you had for Ruth. Please help us to be kind and love others like you love us.

FAMILY ACTIVITY: As a family, make a list of kind things that you could do for others this Christmas. Choose at least three things on the list and do them!