Devotional for December 8th

Sarah became pregnant. She had a son by Abraham when he was old. He was born at the exact time God had promised him.

Genesis 21:2

PAUSE: Time passed after the flood, and people were not acting any better. But God had begun a plan to help save the world through a man and his family. One day, God visited a man named Abraham and said to him, “Abraham, I am going to do something wonderful. I am going to give you many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Just as you cannot count the stars in the sky, you will not be able to count your children either.” Abraham doubted God because he did not have any children. He was an old man. He was 99 years old, and his wife, Sarah, was 90 years old. God just wanted Abraham to believe and trust Him. He told him, “Is anything too hard for me? I am going to rescue the hearts of my people. I am planning to make you into a great nation so that all people on earth will be blessed.” God knew that one day, His son Jesus, would be born from Abraham’s family.

God promised He would give Abraham a son, and He would carry out His promise through him.  Even though Abraham had to wait a long time for his son Isaac to be born, he believed and trusted God to keep His promise. Abraham’s faith made him right with the Lord. And just as God had promised, Sarah gave birth to a baby boy named Isaac which means “son of laughter.” When God promises He will do something, He will do it! And God’s plan of blessing the whole world through Abraham and Sarah’s family was just beginning…

PRAY:  Thank you God for always keeping your promises. Sometimes we think things are impossible, but we know that you are always faithful. Thank you for giving us your only son.

FAMILY ACTIVITY: Go outside and look at the stars. See if you can count them. Remember God’s promise to Abraham and tell your children that God has a wonderful plan for them too. They can trust in Him because He always keeps His promises.