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  • “Win, Lose, or Draw”
    4/7/21 – Pastor Brian’s Blog – At Christmas, Judy and I would always go with our family to my sister Susan’s house for a couple of days, to spend time with my parents, my siblings, and their kids. We could actually see the walls expand as there were times when […]
  • “Whose King is He?”
    3/31/2021 – Pastor Brian’s Blog – The first Good Friday was the day Jesus was crucified. The crowd was made of many people who had previously been in contact with Jesus. Jesus had done so much for these people already. Some of these people had been healed, some had been […]
  • “Slow Down”
    3/24/2021 – Pastor Brian’s Blog – I can remember when our children began to drive with their drivers permit. One of the common things that Judy and I would say to them was “Slow down!!” Yet I found it difficult to give them a real hard time because that “fast […]
  • “Life’s Messes”
    3/17/2020 – Pastor Brian’s Blog – I think we could all agree that life can get messy at times. Judy and I have been to the Philippines on numerous occasions to teach at a small Bible College. I remember one year when we arrived on the campus, there was no […]
  • “Losing Weight”
    3/10/2021 – Pastor Brian’s Blog – A friend told us about this diet that Judy and I have been on for the past two months. Between us, we have lost 57 lbs which is pretty exciting to us. It doesn’t just happen though, every Monday morning we get on the […]