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  • The Hope of Christmas
    By Sam McKeen Hope, a simple word and yet filled with meaning. Hope is powerful. It is an important aspect of every person’s life. Everyone places hope in something. What do you put your hope in? Relationships? Family? Your Career? Your health? Your wealth? These arenas of hope can bring […]
  • “Become a Berean”
    9/15/2021 – Pastor Brian’s Blog – Do you know what Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Saint Andrews, (Scotland’s oldest university) and the University of Edinburgh all have in common? Each of these schools were Bible-proclaiming schools originally. Don’t believe me? Just read about their founders. Harvard was named […]
  • “Test Positive”
    9/08/2021 – Pastor Brian’s Blog – You may have read on Miss Judy’s Facebook post on Sunday that she tested positive with Covid last week. Since then, I too have come down with Covid. As a married couple there is nothing like sharing everything together!! Although we still have Covid […]
  • “Trust Me!”
    9/1/2021 – Pastor Brian’s Blog – Life can deal us body blows that sometimes just take the breath out of us. What is happening to us might seem crushing at the moment, but for someone else, they may wish to have our problems. But for all the people involved, at […]
  • “This is a Test”
    8/25/2021 – Pastor Brian’s Blog – If I remember correctly, it usually happened on a Saturday morning while I was watching Mighty Mouse or Roy Rogers. Suddenly the TV screen would change, and you would hear a man say… “This is a test. For the next sixty seconds, this station […]