By Rebecca Murzin


 His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’

Matthew 25:21 (ESV)

I have been at multiple funerals this summer. They impacted me in a way I never have felt before.Three of the funerals had such an impact for the Lord. It was amazing to hear how much they loved the Lord.

One was a woman who had all her children and grandchildren up front worshiping. One after another her children talked about how much their mother loved the Lord. They recalled countless lessons she had taught them. Church members recounted how she would always send cards and how much she cared about each one of them.

One of the men had nearly fifty  years of service to our country. His children recounted how he taught them about the Lord and the importance of service.

The last man worked in a pain clinic. He also was a pastor and led a church down the street from his house. This man was  well off and not a single person talked about his money. They did not mention the things he had or the places he had gone. One after another for over an hour people lined up to recount how this man had impacted their lives for the Lord. They told how he encouraged them in ministry, and to become ordained. They told stories of how he encouraged them in hard times. Person after person recounted how he led them to the Lord or how they witnessed him lead others to the Lord. Stories of how he healed people physically and spiritually. I sat there crying and thought, “is there any better way to leave this Earth?” The things he had, impacted no one. It was how he lived his life. It was how he served our Lord that was remembered.

This is how I want to leave this world, with a legacy of service to our King. As I get to heaven,  I want to hear the words of Matthew 25:23, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” from our Lord. I began to reflect after leaving the service, How has my life impacted others for the Lord? What would be said of me if I died right now?

In all the funerals I have ever been to, no one ever talked about the money or the things a person had. At each and every one, the ones left behind remembered how the person lived. The things they liked to do and how their life impacted those around them. I have been at funerals of fisherman, hunters, and the life of the party. I have also been to ones where no one spoke. All I know is whether I am on this earth one more day or sixty years, I want to impact people for the Kingdom. I want to lead people to Jesus and see their lives changed for eternity. I want to leave a legacy of Kingdom building.

I left the funeral of John saying “here I am Lord, use me!” I love Jesus more than anything. Why wouldn’t I share Him with everyone?  We can’t change what we have already done. However, we can start today impacting one person at a time and walking through the doors of opportunity that God gives us.  Reflecting on my life as I left that last funeral and thought about how John left an eternal impact behind  and looking at the things I want to do from now on has sparked a fire in me. I know the legacy I want to leave and how I want to be remembered.

How do you want to be remembered? What words do you want to hear from Jesus as you enter heaven? What can you do from now on to make that happen?

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