Solemn Assembly

We will be gathering as a church in Solemn Assembly on Sunday, April 10th 2022

All of the information about the Solemn Assembly and how to prepare for it, is on this page.

Background on the Solemn Assembly

Eight Day Guide to prepare for the Solemn Assembly

Prayer Walking Guide

Anyone who is a part of our church family currently, or has been in the past, is welcome and encouraged to participate in the Solemn Assembly. You can read the letter of invitation below.

To Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We, the Deacon Board of CBCC, are writing to you to request your participation in an upcoming event.

Over the past few months we have engaged in serious self-examination which has included a Church Health Assessment. The assessment team identified five strengths, five concerns, and wrote five prescriptions to address the concerns. The prescriptions, which were adopted by the congregation on Sunday, March 13th, are intended to improve our health as a church so that we can effectively fulfill our mission as a church.

The first prescription is to hold a Solemn Assembly. The Solemn Assembly will provide an opportunity for us to come before the Lord publicly confessing and repenting of our sins. As individuals and as a church we need forgiveness and healing in our relationship with God and with one another.

We recognize that there have been aspects of the culture at CBCC that have been unhealthy and resulted in division and deep wounds. It is time for us to come together before the Lord to seek reconciliation with Him and one another. The schedule for the Solemn Assembly is as follows:

April 3rd  | 10:00 AM        A Call to Solemn Assembly

The Morning Worship Service will be focused on instruction and communication about the Solemn Assembly and will begin eight days of specific, intentional preparation for the Solemn Assembly.  

April 3rd – 10th                  Days of Preparation

An eight-day guide, Consecrate the People, will be provided to prepare us through daily scripture readings, prayer, and meditation.

April 10th  | 10:00 AM       Solemn Assembly

The Solemn Assembly will include scripture, music, reflection, individual prayer, corporate prayers of confession, repentance, and renunciation of our sins – both individual and corporate. There will be opportunity for individuals to make public confession, to apologize to the church body and to reconcile with one another individually. The assembly will conclude with a celebration of communion.

                                         Prayer Walk / Drive

Following the assembly, the church will drive and/or walk through the community asking God to burden our hearts with compassion for the lost and to ask for his help in fulfilling our mission.

We are asking that you please pray for our church and about your participation in the Solemn Assembly. Would you please consider attending these two services on April 3rd and 10th? We would truly welcome your presence to help us through the healing process. We earnestly desire for our church to get back on its mission, making and growing disciples of Jesus Christ.

Please contact any member of the Deacon Board or Pastor Sam if you’d like more information. A copy of the Church Health Assessment Report including the prescriptions is available upon request.

In Christ,

Michael Currier, Bob Hetu, Matt Fixler, David Snyder, Steve Kelly