5/8/19 – Pastor Brian’s Blog

Last week my blog was entitled “What will they think.” We asked the question: ‘What thoughts will come to people’s minds when they hear that we have died?’ This week I want to share some real thoughts, from a real grandson, about a real grandfather. May it encourage us to be serious about the story we are writing with our lives.

Warren Wendel Wiersbe passed away this past week at the age of 89. Over his life time among many things, Dr. Wiersbe ministered with Youth for Christ International, pastored the well-known Calvary Baptist Church of Covington, Kentucky and even the better known church, Chicago’s Moody Church. He wrote bi-weekly for Christianity Today, he taught practical theology classes at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School as well as a Doctor of Ministry course at Trinity and Dallas Seminary.

He served as chairman of the board of Slavic Gospel Association, and served as the general director and radio teacher at Back to the Bible. Later on, Dr. Wiersbe became Writer in Residence at Cornerstone University, and Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. During his ministry Dr. Wiersbe also wrote more than 150 books.

I would consider Dr. Wiersbe as a friend. Not because we ministered together for a week back in the 90’s, but because of the time I have spent in his very popular commentaries the “Be” Series. If you would walk into my office you would see a stack of his “Be” Series commentaries on my shelves. If you would check out my computer, you would find that I have downloaded his complete “Be” series commentaries. Over the years, his God given ministry of writing, has answered questions for me and helped me better understand the Word of God.

Yet today, I wanted to share with you a blog, not written by a famous person that personally knew Dr. Wiersbe, not from one of his many students, not by someone who has been blessed by his writings or his preaching. No, today I want to share a blog written by someone that knows him best: his family. As you read this blog, (and please read it all) may it open up ways that we can make a difference, so that when we die, our influence does not end.


Live well! You are writing your story! Be a bridge builder for God’s Kingdom and let your life impact the people you influence… for eternity!

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